the story behind ambitious women...

It was early 2019 and the New Year had just begun. Everything was still fresh and the motivation to bring resolutions to life was great. Stephanie’s resolution was to make new, cool and especially inspiring acquaintances, to broaden her horizon and expand her network.

After a lot of planning and discussing the first meet-up took place in March 2019. Fabiola was one of the first to register and was immediately hooked on the idea. Inspired by this wonderful experience, Stephanie and Fabiola started to organize the next meet-ups where they met Alina, who now completes the team of three. Together they combine profound knowledge in the areas Event and Community Management, Marketing & Design and are eager to create a safe and inspiring space for Women from all ages and background.

Ambitious Women has now become a lively, rapidly growing community with monthly meetings, workshops and seminars for women in Zurich. The guests are women from different industries and countries, with very different backgrounds. But they all have one thing in common: they recognize the added value of a community and use it as their space for ideas and development.

who are we?

Stephanie Ospelt

Stephanie started the meetup group in early 2019 because she was not able to find a group where she could connect with like-minded women who likewise wanted to share their ideas and dreams and collaborate with each other to make them come true. She works as an Event Manager at Impact Hub Zurich where she is responsible for all events with her team.

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Fabiola Benda

Fabiola joined the very first meetup. She had just recently moved back to Zurich and was looking for new friends and great women to connect with. Immediately this group became a steppingstone for true friendships and her further career steps. Today Fabiola is working as a Community Manager at von Rundstedt and is responsible for offline and online networking events.

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Alina Leiendecker

Alina joined the Ambitious Women Team after attending one of the first meetups in 2019. She was immediately hooked on the idea of an all-female support group, where everyone can get the endorsement & cheer needed. Alina works as a Social Media Campaign Manager at bestsmile and is responsible for social media & web design at Ambitious Women.

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