we are #strongertogether

This past year we have created a growing community of like minded women who ambitiously step forward to reach their goals and follow their dreams. With the spread of the corona virus many of their businesses or the businesses of their loved ones are at risk and some of them have already had to shut down until this is all over. For small and growing businesses, this lack of steady business is difficult to weather and some may never be able to reopen.


We would like to support these women in this difficult time by helping them continue generating a steady revenue to cover fixed expenses like shop rent. With that goal in mind, we bring you this platform.

we offer support if...

… you have a business that formerly relied on offline-clients (for example yoga instructor, psychologist etc) AND now offer an online service to make up for the loss of clients please reach out to us – we‘d ❤ to help by reposting and spreading awareness of your offer. 

… you are offering free services to help people overcome their struggles and feelings of anxiety & stress (for example by offering a free 1 hour meditation lesson) you can reach out to us as well.  We‘d ❤ to help by reposting and spreading awareness of your offer. 

… you can’t shift your business to online because you rely on physical infrastructure (for example florist, owner of a café). With the purchase of vouchers, you can now receive funds (payment is done directly via PayPal) although your shop is closed.

Support your Locals!

Buy your voucher or donation now, support immediately and redeem your voucher later in the restaurant, café, shop or studio you have chosen to support.

You can buy a voucher of the following businesses:

shopping: collab, bloom muesli




since 2015, collab stands for great products made by real people. each product has its own story and they offer a wide range of sustainable, fair and unique products. from clothing to little gifts, from home and living to beauty – stop by and be part of something new!

visit their website here.

bloom muesli

Made by a woman, for women.

Ethical, accessible and nourishing, BLOOM muesli is designed to support hormonal balance throughout the women’s cycle.

Each of our cereals is ideal for one of the four monthly phases (menstrual, follicular, ovulatory and luteal). Through them, we want to help women get the essential nutrients they need along each week, so that they can feel the empowerment that comes from fueling their bodies with high quality ingredients—all in synchrony with what is going on with their hormonal fluctuations each and every day of the month!

visit their website here.

1 cycle kit (includes 4 mueslis): strawberries, goji berries, coconut, chocolate. Fully organic, artisanal, vegan and made with love to support proper hormone balance. Zero added sugar nor oils and packed in biodegradable, resealable kraft paper pouches!

4 mueslis: strawberries, goji berries, coconut, chocolate, packed in glass containers. Fully organic, artisanal, vegan and made with love to support proper hormone balance. Zero added sugar nor oils!

If you know someone that could need any of the listed supports above, please feel free to send them the link to this website. Please note that based on the idea of our community we will put an emphasis on local and women-led businesses.

We want to say a big thank you to Betty, the women behind the Instagram Account @picturedbybetty and the Support your Locals-Website from Munich. She inspired us with her idea and helped us tremendously with the technical background.